Detailed and reliable analyses of all relevant data are prerequisites for an effective monitoring and controlling and are the fundament for strategic decisions. As the GPC solutions are integrated ‘in core’ of SAP® ERP system at all times actual information are available – specific requirements/information may be included without significant efforts.

Statistics provide detailed information

  • Transportation volume
  • Consignment structure
  • Freight cost structure (type of costs)
  • Cost allocation (costs-by-cause)
  • Reference values usable for automatic plausibility checks on freight costs

This information is available as

  • Data source for advanced information systems (BW / BI)
  • Basis for freight cost tendering

The match code overview provides a worklist per process showing documents in queue.

The document flow shows each step/document during processing.

Evaluations of energy consumption and pollutant emission via GPC solution GoGreen enable the preparation of the carbon footprints (company specific and product related)

The available tools may feed simulations for forecasts on future trends.