Freight costs

GPC solutions enable quick and effective loading of new freight agreements respective freight quotes into SAP®-ERP systems reducing maintenance efforts dramatically. Additionally, automated processing reduces the risk of incorrect data compared to manual entry. Already since 2001 GPC is certified by SAP® for the integration scenario ‘LE-FRU’.

Accurate and current freight agreements and freight rates are prerequisites to an effective and automatic freight cost processing (calculation and settlement) without manual corrections – independent on the freight cost application in charge.

These freight agreements and the hereof resulting freight cost information are source for numerous functions:

  • Manual freight inquiries (w/o documents)
  • Planned resp. actual freight costs in quotes and sales orders
  • Exact freight cost determination for all modes of transportation, outbound and inbound shipments, worldwide, incl. correct tax determination
  • Determination/transfer of freight costs in goods invoice
  • Automatic freight invoice matching / self-invoicing
  • Distribution of freight cost on the costs-by-cause principle – including cross-company postings if required
  • Freight statistics – including provision of actual freight cost and shipment data to BW / BI

Simulation tools enable an automatic freight costs comparison between actual freight costs and loaded freight quota.