Numerous additional fields in the shipment document and an automatic determination of optional additions support processing and subsequent functions (shipment messages, freight cost …):

  • Chargeable weight, Number of packages, pallets, pallet spaces
  • Geographical information (destination zone, additional connection points, rail stations)
  • Ship and rail car data
  • Additional dates
  • Distances (road, toll…)
  • Approved measured values for calculation of greenhouse gas emissions (GoGreen)

GPC solutions support during Transportation planning and processing a wide variety of shipment scenarios for all modes of transportation:

  • Direct transport (complete loads (FTL/FCL), consignments (LTL/LCL) …)
  • Groupage traffic
  • Multi modal shipments
  • Distribution shipments / regional carriers
  • Cross docking / shuttle shipments
  • Main leg models / optimization

GPC solutions may support the transportation processes:

  • EZShip creates optimized and consolidated shipments automatically.
  • Service agent selection determines allowed carriers per shipment. Carriers may be evaluated based on freight cost, share and/or prioritization.
  • The loading planning tool EZLoad allows the allocation of shipments to loading slots including capacity checks at the loading site (loading and unloading activities).
  • Fleet Management supports planning, tracking and lease cost settlement for means of transportation (wagons, containers, trucks, barges and ocean vessels) for specific shipments.