eInvoice DB Schenker Rail AG

After DB Schenker Rail AG had informed its customers to stop the transfer of complementary invoice data for rail shipments at year’s end, the GPC solution ZF Tape processing required appropriate enhancements.

As the import of these ZFL data is only one part of this solution and due to a short project phase and the essential process security an unanimous decision was taken to enhance the data import in a first step and to leave the data processing unchanged:

  • Automatic allocation of the data records to the corresponding shipments via shipment number and/or wagon identification
  • Creation of shipment documents for transportation processes not implemented in the SAP® ERP system yet
  • Mapping / automatic adoption of freight cost into the GPC freight result
  • Automatic accounting
  • Freight invoice creation in GPC – per location and shipper
  • Transfer of freight invoices to FI
  • Transfer of inbound freight costs to the material

GPC provided to its customers functionality for a parallel processing of data in the actual data format (sequential file with fix record structure) and the new XML documents. This simultaneous data processing also allowed an early verification of additional information to improve data quality and additional evaluation opportunities. Aside different formats of some fields no further problems occurred during the test allowing a short term Go-live.

One customer increased the degree of automation by integrating SAP PO (Process Orchestration) to processing incoming XML automatically and adding the data to the actual settlement period.