New GPC version 2017

In addition to the general development and improvement GPC version 2017 contains the following new functions and enhancements:

The central condition technique being available to all GPC customers contains in the meantime over 40 applications. This functionality used for a flexible and individual processing control and determination of master data provides with GPC version 2017 in addition to the already existing log functionality a new testing tool for a detailed analysis of particular processes or documents. The included administration tools have been completed by a mass deletion report. The central shipment simulation has been enhanced by additional analysis functionality, too: The integrated document flow allows a direct entry into the simulate documents.
The GPC enhancements of deliveries and shipments have been also revised in this context. The leg determination control has been added to the shipment enhancement allowing shipment specific adjustments. The GPC leg determination may now consider route information for multi modal leg chains automatically.

The GPC modules provide the following innovations (among others):

  • FMS (Freight Management System)

    • The maintenance and administration transactions for freight conditions have been redesigned. This allows a differentiation between freight rates with value ‘0’ and not defined freight rates.
    • The standard functionality to process external freight costs (via IDoc INVOIC02) now supports also leg based and HU related base freights and surcharges/discounts including freight cost elements related to specific delivery or delivery items only.
    • Freight costs based on shipment tendering may be used automatically.
    • The automatic freight cost allocation logic considers the actual leg model and allows an easier and source related assignment of shipment costs.
    • The new control freight service is available within the freight calculation: this service may be determined per Handling Unit or per delivery or per load (delivery per shipment leg), respectively.
    • Non-relevant carriers (e.g. self-collectors) may now be suppressed in GPC standard directly.
    • Accruals are now reversed (cleared) via accrual corrections. This increase the clarity – especially in the document flow.
    • Additional control to synchronize freight costs in FI and CO: Suppression of CO transfers for shipment documents not yet in settlement.
  • Statistics

    • The table view of statistics data provides additional function for an improved and enhanced data analysis within statistics (e.g. w/o export to Excel incl. post-editing)
      • The compression of statistics records provides a quick overview of different scenarios (e.g. freight cost per carrier within one month)
      • Dynamic truncation of field contents (e.g. postal/ZIP codes) allows different evaluations within one statistics type (requiring several statistics types in the past)
      • Currency conversion
    • Date related creation of statistics records
  • Service Agent Selection

    • Addition analysis and evaluation functionality by the integration of the simulation log and the corresponding document flow.
  • CMS (Communications Management System)

    • IFTMIN release 33.01 DB Schenker Rail: This enhancement provides IDOC contents in the EDIFACT format according DB standard. Output is processed via IDOC basic type /GPC/CONV_STANDARD.
    • Inbound processing of electronic invoices eInvoice DB in XML format (replacing the expired ZF process for German rail carrier DB)
    • The new function tariff use in documents shows, whether and for which shipment(s) specific tariffs are used
    • Integration of the central log functionality into tariff determination for detailed analysis.
  • GoGreen

    • Additional information in the log (e.g. leg determination)
    • Enhanced control to simulate alternative leg models
  • Fleet Management

    • New tool for mass deactivation of Means of Transportation
    • Additional information during automatic MoT planning
    • Archiving for Means of Transportation and History records