New GPC version 2018

The GPC version 2018 supports in addition to existing SAP® ERP systems also S/4 HANA installations – based on shipments and predecessor documents in LES (Logistics Execution System).

The GPC modules provide the following innovations (among others):

  • FMS (Freight Management System)

    • The maintenance and administration transactions for freight conditions had already been redesigned in version 2017, now there is a new upload tool available allowing the direct import of freight agreements provided in Excel format.
    • You may now use the same condition type (and freight conditions) as base freight and as additional costs (accessorial) to avoid duplication of condition types. This may be helpful for incoterms depending freight costs to be paid independent on the responsibility for base charges.
    • The accounting logic for freight costs may now be determined via additive procedures. This will reduce the required master data dramatically, if account numbers and additional accounting information depend on different parameters.
    • The maintenance transactions of the GPC settlement documents (freight invoices, credit notes) have been redesigned. This provides in addition to better visibility an improved analysis of differences and errors.
    • Sending credit notes via eMail supports distribution lists and an enhanced output control for logo, header/footer lines and archiving notes.
    • An additional Freight cost monitor improves the monitoring of shipments (and deliveries) regarding their status in FMS (calculation and settlement) and provides – if applicable – information on external freight costs (via IDoc INVOIC02).
    • In the context of the S/4 HANA adjustments and in preparation of future requirements and (customer specific) enhancements GPC provides a new freight calculation functionality.
  • Statistics

    • The selection screen for statistics data has been re-designed – you now use specific selection criteria for all fields of the statistics structure.
  • Service Agent Selection

    • According to the freight calculation, the service agent selection has been redesigned for better integration, too. You may now consider shipment related freight cost for carrier optimization.
  • EZShip

    • The automatic shipment generation in EZShip support the creation of Handling Units and automatic packing.
    • You may now select log by included shipment and/or delivery numbers for improved analysis.