GPC Europe GmbH has implemented in cooperation with one of the leading suppliers of mineral water and soft drinks in Germany a new standard solution to consider freight cost information defined in an SAP®-ERP system during shipment tendering via TRANSPOREON’s web-based logistics platform:

Shipment tendering via automated carrier and freight price determination uses the actual freight agreements defined in the SAP® ERP system to verify and rate. Even no-touch-orders (direct carrier assignment) are executed based on the freight costs information set up in the SAP® ERP system. This ensures correct freight cost structure/details and source-related cost allocation during freight cost processing allowing automatic accounting and reliable analysis. Unexpected difference costs due to shipment changes are considered automatically and shown separately.

Shipment execution via ‘best-carrier’ ignores existing freight agreements. Freight cost determination in the SAP® ERP system will consider the offered (and agreed) price automatically und provide the cost for any subsequent processing.