New GPC version 2019

Since GPC version 2018 in addition to existing SAP® ERP systems also S/4 HANA installations are supported – based on shipments and predecessor documents in LES (Logistics Execution System).

The GPC modules provide the following innovations (among others):

FMS (Freight Management System)

  • Version 2019 supplies a new freight inquiry transaction using the central GPC functionalities shipment and packing simulation. This new function also allows the import of existing documents for calculation purpose. Presentation of freight results (incl. document flow and logs) has been redesigned, too.
  • Version 2015 allowed already reposting freight costs of inbound shipments to the related (material) PO as delivery costs in a subsequent step. Now you may post corresponding freight invoices to the POs directly.
  • In this context, the MMC (multi-modal calculation) incl. sales order calculation was revised, too.
  • A new report supports the analysis of (in sales order) calculated and effective freight costs.
  • This version supplies an addition tool for mass analysis of  settlement documents and items in GPC including cost elements and tax information.
  • Definition and determination of freight cost specific characteristics of railcars in FMS (and other GPC solutions) have been centralized. A central maintenance dialog supplies the relevant wagon types and corresponding characteristics