GPC solutions complete data for transportation and freight relevant processes.

Additional data (locations, distances, rail data etc.) are provided centrally and used automatically as additional information in deliveries, shipments and stages. Missing documents may be created without significant effort and integrated into the process flow. In many cases only this enables the automation and optimization of processes, including substantive analysis for strategic decisions.

Some examples:

  • Location directories and distances are essential to check consignment data and for distance based freight cost (e.g. toll)
  • Additional fields in document enhancements for delivery, shipment and stages enable an accurate calculation and settlement of freight costs, even in complex freight cost models
  • Rail specific data and tables support messaging with railway companies
  • Automatic creation of inbound shipment enables a “lean” Goods Receipt processing for complete evaluations and analysis, including logistic processes not in the spotlight yet
  • Plan data and quantity generated via GPC modules avoid delays during the shipping process and result in standardized processing
  • Real freight cost may be transferred to the goods invoice
  • GPC tools create missing documents for special processes, e.g.
    • Transfer to mobile stocks (stock-on-rail…)
    • Sample dispatch / Trade fair
    • Shipments to/from commission companies
    • Second delivery / Returns / Reclamation
    • Disposal
    • Handling / Movement / Exchange