optimierenIn addition to the optimization of actual documents GPC solutions offer, based on a meaningful information source (completed documents and data) combined with powerful and flexible tools the fundament for an optimization of logistic processes.

Some examples in various GPC solutions:

  • Freight cost management: Efficient freight cost control, distribution of freight cost on the costs-by-cause principle, alternative transportation/stage models and continuous automatization support an effective cost reduction
  • Freight cost information: At an early stage (offer, sales order…) meaningful freight cost information are available (e.g. profitability calculation). Actual and future cost information are also early available via accruals (FI) and/or expected target cost (in CO-PA).
  • Simulation tools developed for several areas enable realistic modelling of logistics scenarios resulting in effective analysis and reliable cost budgeting. These tools provide simulations of actuals processes as well as future scenarios to supporting strategic decisions, e.g. distribution site optimization, local forwarder…
  • Analysis tools for Green Logistics delivery figures for an environmental balance and support to improve company’s ecological footprint.
  • Load site control may equalize a site’s loading and unloading activities and reduce delays and demurrage.