GPC Add-On solutions

  • are installed worldwide
  • are used in numerous industry sectors (e.g. steel, construction materials, chemical industry, nutrition, beverages, sanitary fittings)
  • are available in several languages
  • support all modes of transportation, for outbound transportation processes as well as inbound shipments

GPC created a set of central functions used into various GPC solutions. These functions may furthermore be integrated into customer solutions with SAP®-ERP systems:

  • The central condition technique is used to determine essential control and key terms dynamically based on the actual document environment (shipment and preliminary documents), e.g. G/L accounts, tariffs, leg models
  • The shipment and packaging simulation provides at an early stage (inquiry, offer, sales order) a realistic planning of the logistical process up to and including shipment documents.
  • The leg determination enables an automatic creation of complex shipment leg models considering main leg models as well as hubs, distribution points … during transportation planning. Additionally, various leg optimization logics are available.
  • Quantity scaling may be used for an additional classification of documents for further processing based on business aspects, e.g. differentiation local versus long-distance traffic, LTL/FTL, quantity dependent tariff zone definitions.
  • Sending emails out of GPC applications via business workplace supports process related, personalized header and body text.