GPC provides during the shipping processing numerous additional fields required for the later transportation processes, e.g.:

  • Chargeable weight
  • Number of packages, pallets, pallet spaces
  • Deviant departure and/or destination
  • Geographical information

GPC solutions provide a complete quantity structure for transportation planning.

EZProcess supports the fast entry of missing documents relevant for transportation:

  • Sample dispatch / Trade fair
  • Shipments to/from commission companies
  • Returns / Reclamations
  • Disposal
  • Machine transport

EZPlan completes the planning worklist by processes actually without a delivery in the system.

When required dangerous goods data may be determines and checked (Warning plate, Prohibition of mixed loading…).

The central shipment simulation (and optional packaging simulation) delivers shipment based functions to sales documents already, e.g.:

  • Service agent selection
  • Calculation of freight cost
  • Determination of ecologic footprint